Mobile home financial solutions.

Résidences Trigano will support you in your search for your mobile home finance options. We’ll put you in contact with credit professionals, who will help you finance your rental properties and provide you with a detailed mobile home loan calculator.

Different credit types

Depending on your project and your situation, you will be eligible for different types of credit via your bank or a specialist institution:

Business loan

A business loan is a conventional form of lending, which is used to finance business needs within a strictly professional setting. The amount borrowed can be used to buy materials and equipment.


Campsite operators can also opt to self-finance their rental investment project. This effortless investment is self-financed thanks to income from holidaymakers or tenants, which covers monthly mortgage payments, costs, etc. in their entirety.


Leasing is a financial solution with a term of 3 to 7 years. This type of credit allows you to finance buying a mobile home by letting it, while having the option of buying it at the end of the contract. To this end, a bank or credit institution will buy the property on your behalf and will be the owner for a given time period. At the end of the agreed time period, you can buy the property and own it permanently.

Do not hesitate to contact our sales team who will put you in contact with our partners: organisations or brokers that specialise in the outdoor accommodation industry. Together, we will study the different solutions available to you and use a mobile home loan calculator to make sure you choose a finance package tailored to your requirements.


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