NEST 33.3.

NEST 33.3.
6 occupants 3 bedrooms 8,5 x 4 m 33m²

Even more functional and comfortable

The 3-bed NEST 33 is a mobile home with all the comforts of a modern design. The layout has been rearranged to provide even more functionality: toilet at the back, fridge next to the bathroom and kitchen at the front.

With Trigano’s 3-bed mobile home you’ll enjoy a pleasant fully-equipped kitchen and plenty of storage space in the bedrooms. The NEST 33.3 mobile home is what any holidaymaker dreams of, perfect to come with family or friends.


6 occupants


3 bedrooms


8,5 x 4 m



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  • Contemporary interiors
  • Functional and spacious living area

  • Plenty of storage space in the bedrooms

  • Separate adult and children sleeping areas


Living area fittings & fixtures

  • Sofa bed (1 person)
  • Blackout curtains
  • Wood-effect table + charcoal chairs
  • TV socket / USB socket
  • Resilient lino flooring
  • High-end heater 1000W


Bathroom fittings & fixtures

  • Shower 100 x 80
  • Stall with shower pan
  • Mirror with shelf
  • Basin cabinet
  • Storage shelves
  • Towel pegs

Outside design

  • Gable roof
  • Sand cladding*
  • White joinery
  • Ribbed charcoal roofing
  • Wall lamp outside
  • Front guttering (lacquered aluminium)

Kitchen fittings & fixtures

  • Large fridge/freezer
  • Black tempered glass hob
  • Storage unit
  • Sink with mixer tap and pressure reducer
  • Black, fireproof protective sideboard
  • Drawers with shock absorbers and stops


Bedroom fittings & fixtures

  • Bed in main bedroom: 140 x 190
  • Bed in children’s bedroom: 80 x 190
  • French-made mattresses
  • Blackout curtains
  • Shelves with hangers
  • Headboard with shelf
  • Space for cot

Technical fixtures

  • Drawbar under chassis
  • UV-proof and weatherproof cladding that needs little maintenance work
  • Inside water circuit with press-fit PEX plumbing
  • Washable wallpaper, easy to maintain
  • Double-glazing insulation
  • Tight thermal and sound insulation
  • Smoke detector
  • Wooden inside doors with quality frame
  • Easy-to-maintain resilient lino flooring
  • Instant hydropower propane gas boiler
  • Propane bottle system

4-season insulation pack

Reinforced insulation to withstand all types of weather. Perfect for cold regions or to extend rentals outside peak season.

  • Pipework insulation
  • Floor insulation
  • Roof insulation
  • Boiler with flue
  • CMV and aerator 

Home décor pack

Choose the home décor pack if you’d like a modern look and feel.

  • Vinyl carpet
  • Coffered-style décor
  • Mirror
  • Additionel seat
  • Base table

TV Pack

Choose the home décor pack if you’d like a modern look and feel.

  • TV stand
  • Shelves

Separate adult and children sleeping areas

Trigano’s 3-bed NEST 33.3 mobile home has 3 separate sleeping areas for parents and children. The children will have their own sleeping area, so parents can enjoy more privacy in their bedroom on the other side of the mobile home. What’s more, the well-sized rooms have plenty of storage space. This model is a must and much appreciated by families !

Pictures of Trigano’s 3-bed NEST 33.3 mobile home.

    Download specifications sheet NEST 33 - 3CH.
    application/pdf - 6.20 MB


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