New! Résidences Trigano introduces its new NEST range: a new upgraded range of rental mobile homes.

Résidences Trigano launches its new range to provide a new experience in mobile homes with a more modern design. After 14 seasons, the EVOLUTION range will be giving way to the new rental range: the NEST collection. This collection was developed with the help of our clients through co-creation workshops on campsites. It’s more harmonious and still perfectly suitable for rentals. This new range has improved quality and finishes to provide a unique holiday atmosphere.

Trigano’s NEST Range: 9 mobile home models

The NEST range includes 9 mobile home models, but 2 of them are limited editions:


The NEST mobile homes have 2 to 3 bedrooms and 1 to 2 bathrooms and measure 24 - 40 m2.


For its new NEST range, Résidences Trigano kept the star features of the rental range and added more ergonomic and functional features. The range includes certain standard fittings (fridge, induction hob, lights, décor accessories, headboard...) to bring extra quality and comfort to holidaymakers.


Trigano’s NEST Range: a modern, bespoke design

Choice between 2 looks

The “Linea” (blue and yellow) and the “Cristal” (black and white) looks of the old range have given way to more fashionable colour schemes. An improved, refined and more modern interior design that is directly inspired by upmarket hotel schemes and our habitat.

To upgrade its design, Résidences Trigano relied on an interior design studio. Together they came up with these two modern looks: “Minérale” and “Moka”. Powdery colours to give a natural forest vibe combined with home décor to bring out a harmonious and cosy look and feel.

By choosing your favourite curtain, sofa and furniture colour scheme, you will create a bespoke style. You can choose between the taupe, charcoal grey and white scheme or the light grey, salmon and praline scheme.

Minérale style

Ambiance Minérale

Moka style

Ambiance Moka

A home décor pack for a unique style

The “home décor pack” is an optional extra in the NEST range and it allows you to emphasise the home décor spirit of each mobile home. Upgrade the look of your mobile home by adding a patterned vinyl carpet, an extra seat for a more comfortable living area, a mirror and a decorative shelf. This home décor pack highlights the unique, modern look of the Nest collection.



Would you like more info about Trigano’s NEST range? Would you like to modernise and upgrade your mobile home site? Contact us and our sales team will give you all the information you need to install these new mobile homes in your campsite or residential home park.




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